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rottweiler breeders in Missouri

Rottweiler Breeders near St. Louis Missouri

Welcome to County Line K9 Rottweilers. We currently breed rottweilers that have excellent German or European bloodlines. Our Goal is to produce sound and stable Rottweilers for pets, show, and working. We love this breed because they have excellent temperaments that love kids and people but have a natural protective instinct. Rottweilers know when to protect the house hold and are very confident dogs to scare away unwanted intruders around your property. The Rottweiler is easy to train because they have the willingness to learn and please the owner.

Our first import female Rottweiler is a pink papered ADRK German import named Akura von den Grundweisen, she is a high driven dog that loves to play all and run all day. Her father is the famous Orlando von haus Neubrand. He is world known for producing short backs and beautiful mahagony markings.

female rottweiler puppy